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Engineered Solutions

Valor employs a rapid, innovative engineering-to-manufacture process to quickly deliver, design and engineer capabilities for all vehicle systems

Ground Mobility Design, Testing, and Development:

  • Whole Vehicle Development

  • Non-Standard Commercial Vehicles

  • World Class Suspension Technologies

  • Brake System Design, Upgrades, and Testing

  • Driveline Upgrades & Re-Power Efforts

  • Customer Systems Integration

  • Unique Customer Requirements


Design and Engineering Competencies and Services:

  • CAD Design

  • FEA

  • Reverse Engineering

  • CFD

  • Electronic Controls and Mechatronics

  • Thermal Analysis

Military and Tactical Vehicle Development:

  • Transparent armored ballistic protection for standardized levels B4 - B7

  • Advanced lighting solutions to include LED, HID, IR, directional and black out

  • Engineered electrical and communications systems with on-board vehicle and trailer diagnostics

  • Tactical equipment and accessories for troop/cargo transport

  • Customized solutions that are tested and certified to meet MIL-SPEC

  • Rugged, reliable equipment that can operate in extreme operating environments

  • Special paints and coatings (OD Green, CARC, Powder)

  • Logistics product data analysis

  • Technical manual development

  • Training curriculum development

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